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Call Capture

    How Call Capture Works

    • When someone calls the main phone # and dials your information box their phone number is captured
    • The new lead will automatically appear in your onTrackCRM
    • You will receive a notification of the new lead via email
    • If the caller leaves a message you will receive it via email

    Recording the Information Box

    • Dial the main call capture phone # and then enter your information box #
    • While the greeting is playing press the * key on your phone
    • When prompted, enter your info box password
    • Press 0 for options
    • Press 1 to record unavailable message
    • Follow the prompts to complete and save the recording
    • There are sample scripts attached below.

    Information to Include in the Info Box Recording

    Options you may wish to include in your recorded message

    • Press 0 to reach a live person for questions

    Change the Live Person Phone Number

    • Login to your Information Box portal using the URL you received alont with your Info box # and password
    • Use your Info Box # and passcode to login
    • Click VmX Locator Settings
    • To the right of Press 0, enter the desired number that will be called with the caller presses 0.  The phone number can be an extension # (i.e. 123) or a 10 digit phone # (i.e. 9495551234)
    • Click Update


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