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Online Advertisement Overview

    Why Use onTrack Marketing Documents

    onTrack Marketing Documents facilitate;

    • Easily create advertising using a Visual HTML Editor
    • Building a library of online advertising
    • Allow tracking codes to be embedded in your advertising
    • Link view & click tracking to your advertising

    Don't Get Overwhelmed

    It is important not develop a mental road block because of all of the small details of placing online ads.  The steps are very simple;

    Post your Ad

    • In onTrackCRM, navigate the the Marketing Document you wish to post
    • Click Post Ad in the upper right corner of the document
    • Copy the resulting Title and Body fields and paste them into your online advertising

    Monitor Tracking Results

    • In onTrackCRM select Power Reports > Advertisement Tracking

    Automatically Replaced Tokens

    Tokens are replaced when you select Post Ad in the upper right corner of your document.  The HTML source code should never be copied directly from the Visual Editor as it does not contain any tracking information.

    • $doc-id$ - This can be used anywhere in your marketing document and will be replaced by the Document ID #
    • $stealth-form$ - this will be replaced by a stealth form address.  It should be placed in the URL field of a hyperlink.  Guide to create a hyperlink
    • $site-url$ - This will be replaced by the URL of your LeadGen website.
    • $this-site$ - This will be replaced with the URL of your ontrack instance.  This is helpful if you are writing a template that will access the property detail page.


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