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Compose HTML Advertisements

    Visual Editor Tips

    • HTML Code: Click the Source Button.JPG button before pasting HTML source code.
    • Images: To insert an image/picture click the Image Button.JPG Image Button icon on the toolbar and past the image URL into the popup dialog.
    • Hyperlinks: To create a hyperlink (clickable link), select the text and/or image that you want to be clickable, next select the Hyperlink.JPG hyperlink icon on the toolbar and past the desired URL into the popup dialog.
    • Text Color: To change text color, first type the text, next select it, finally click on the Text Color icon Text Color.JPG on the toolbar and select the desired color.
    • Background Color: To change the background color of text, first select the text, next click on the Background Fill icon Fill Color.JPG on the toolbar and select the desired color.
    • Remove Formatting:  To clear formatting (i.e. size, color, etc.) so you can try again, select the desired text and click the Remove Formatting icon Remove Formatting.JPG on the toolbar.
    • Maximize:  Give yourself more space to edit your ad by clicking the Maximize icon on the toolbar.

    Create a Marketing Document

    • In onTrackCRM select Marketing > Documents
    • Click the large green Add Icon.JPG to create a new marketing document
    • Select Craigslist in the Folder Name field (or any other name used to organize your marketing documents)

    Keep it Simple

    There are only 3 parts to creating your ad.  See sections below.

    • Write a Title that will attract attention
    • Write a body that is consistent with the title and that will make people want more information
    • Create a "Call to Action" by inserting hyperlinks in your ad body that direct prospects to a Lead Capture Landing Page

    Write a Title

    • Compose a title that will attract prospect's attention.  If no one pays attention to your title they will never see your ad.
    • Enter your Marketing Title into the Title field.

    Write a Body

    Use the onTrackCRM Visual Editor to create rich HTML ads

    Visual Editor Toolbar.JPG

    NOTE: The onTrackCRM Visual Editor currently does not support Chrome or Internet Explorer 9.  Firefox is the preferred browser.  Click here to download Mozilla Firefox

    • Compose a body that makes prospects want to get more information
    • The message in your ad body should be consistent with your ad title
    • See Editor Tips above for how to place Images, Hyperlinks and Source code.  Click Here

    Create a Hyperlink "Call to Action"

    Post the Ad Online

    • Click Save to complete the Ad (Marketing Document)
    • Click the Post Ad link in the upper right corner of your document Detail View
    • Copy and past the resulting HTML code into the craigslist ad body
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