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Creating New Image Ads

    Compose Ad in Microsoft Word / WordPad

    • Compose your ad in Microsoft Word or WordPad instead of the onTrackCRM Marketing Document
    • Compose your ad as desired

    Paste Ad into Microsoft Paint

    • Select (CTRL-A) and Copy (CTRL-C) the ad just written in Word / WordPad
    • Paste (CTRL-V) into Microsoft Paint
    • This process converts your document into a graphic image

    Save and Upload Image

    Create Ad Image Ad in onTrackCRM

    • Create a new Marketing Document in onTrackCRM (See tutorial)
    • Enter your desired ad Title in the Subject field
    • Select Craigslist in the Folder Name field
    • In the body of the ad, insert the picture by pasting the Image URL copied in the previous step.  (See tutorial)
    • Click on the image and hyperlink it to your desired LeadGen landing page. (See tutorial)
    • Save your Marketing Document in onTrackCRM.

    Post the Ad Online

    • Click Save to complete the Ad (Marketing Document)
    • Click the Post Ad link in the upper right corner of your document Detail View
    • Copy and past the resulting HTML code into the craigslist ad body
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