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LeadGen Website Landing Pages

    Be sure to direct your prospects to a landing page that is consistent and makes sense for the advertisement.

    Select the landing page

    Find a suitable landing page on the LeadGen website by navigating the Buyer or Seller menus.  Navigate to the page and copy the page name from the end of the URL

    Obtain Landing Page Name.JPG

    Construct URL

    The URL we need to use in our ad is constructed with the parameters T= and page=, where T= is the Document ID # of our ad and page= is the name of the landing page you wish to send a prospect to.  Replace the RED tokens below with the appropriate values.

    • $site-url$  - This token will automatically be replaced with your LeadGen URL when tracking is embedded
    • $doc-id$  - This token will automatically be replaced with the Document Record ID when tracking is embedded
    • $landing-page$  - the page name at the end of the URL (see above)

    Landing Pages

    You can construct your your landing page URL using the method above or you can select any of the Preset landing pages below. 

    • Beat out other buyers to Hot New Listings (Buyers > Get Hot NEW Listings)
      • http://$site-url$/redir.asp?T=$doc-id$&page=vip_buyer.asp
    • Distress Sales/Bank Foreclosures Hotlist (Buyers >  Foreclosures Hot List)
      • http://$site-url$/redir.asp?T=$doc-id$&page=gold_distress.asp
    • Don't Pay Another Cent in Rent to Your Landlord Before You Read This FREE Special Report (Buyers > Stop Paying Rent)
      • http://$site-url$/redir.asp?T=$doc-id$&page=stop_renting.asp
    • How To Buy A Home With Little Or No Money Down (Buyers > Buy with ZERO Down)
      • http://$site-url$/redir.asp?T=$doc-id$&page=zerodown.asp


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