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Property Ad Creator

    The Property Ad Creator merges MLS Data into a preconfigured ad template.  The resulting HTML can be used to post online ads or emailed as part of an email campaign.

    Obtain an MLS Number

    The 1st step of using the property ad creator is to get an MLS Number so we know what data to merge


    Select The Template Ad

    • Click Power Report > Property Ad Creator
    • Enter the MLS Number you want to merge
    • Set the state as specified (i.e. ca for California, hi for Hawaii)
    • Click Generate
    • A list of Ads that can be merged are displayed.  NOTE: Every ad in your Marketing > Documents > Template Ads folder will be displayed.  Although you can select any ad, the property ad is only relavent if the template has Property Ad tokens contained within.
    • From here you have a few options;
      • Click the Template Ad Name to see and or edit the actual template
      • Click Preview Ad to see what the ad will look like when property data is merged. (Most common)
      • Click Create Ad to immediately create a new Marketing Document with the property information merged into it.


    Example Using Preview Ad

    • Continuing from the steps above, if you click Preview Ad

    Preview Ad.jpg

    • You will be presented with the resulting ad
    • Click Create Ad if you are ready to proceed

    Ad Preview Screen.jpg

    • A new Marketing Document is automatically created
    • Edit the document to give it an appropriate title and file it in the desired folder location

    Edit Ad.jpg

    • The final step is to click Post Ad to generate the HTML with tracking codes that will be pasted into the ad site (i.e. Craigslist)

    Post Ad.jpg


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