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Stealth Form

    What is a Stealth Form

    • Stealth Forms incorporate a lead capture popup form onto nearly any website.
    • Shortly after directing a prospect to a webpage, the lead capture popup appears
    • If the prospect completes the lead capture form, their information is placed directly into your onTrackCRM

    Create a Stealth Form

    • Find a website that has information that is consistent with your ad and that would cause prospects to desire more information.  Most commonly, this is a MLS property page
      • For an MLS property page
      • Create a search in Tempo and select the desired property or property list
      • Email the desired client view to yourself
      • Copy the emailed link to your computer's clipboard
    • Place the URL in the File Name field of your marketing document.  Be sure that External is selected in the Download Type field.

    Place Hyperlink to Stealth Form

    • Select the text and/or image that you want to be clickable
    • Click the hyperlink icon on the toolbar Hyperlink.JPG
    • In the URL field, type the Stealth Form token $stealth-form$ (must be exact including both $)

    • Click OK

    Changing the Destination URL

    The Stealth Form will load what ever URL is specified in the File Name field.  It is not necessary to modify your ad body if you change the URL.



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