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Property List Template for Matrix


    The Property List template is used to create an attractive property list that can be copied into marketing email.  Typically this is used as an email blast.

    Access the read only copy of the Property List Template.  California or Hawaii


    How to Use

    NOTE: It is recommended that the Property List Template be opened in Google Chrome.  The process will be easier and produce better results.

    • You must be logged into your Google account (i.e. Gmail, Calendar, Google Drive, etc.)
    • Open the read only copy of the Property List Template.  California or Hawaii
    • Select File > Make a Copy so that the original template is not changed
    • Click on the Yellow cell in the spreadsheet.  This is where data must be pasted
    • Export, copy and paste your Matrix property data onto the Yellow Cell on the Input tab.  See below for how to set up a Matrix Export with the correct data fields and how to export property data from Matrix.
    • Move to the Output tab
    • Delete any empty rows at the end of the document
    • Select File > Download As > Web page (html)
    • In the new page that opens, press CTRL-A (select all), then CTRL-C (copy)
    • Paste the copied grid into your onTrackCRM email.


    Setup Matrix Export Template

    NOTE: This step is only required once

    • In Matrix, Select My Matrix > Settings > Custom Exports
    • Click Add Export button
    • Name the export something memorable like: Property List Email Campaign
    • Select the following fields in this order
      • Multiple Listing Number
      • List Price
      • Bedrooms
      • Square Footage Structure
      • Type
      • City
      • Street Number
      • Street Name
      • SaleType
    • Set Include Column Names to Name
    • Separator = Comma
    • Click Save

    Generate Campaign List

    • In Matrix, create your desired search and click Results
    • Select the properties you want to export.  If you will export all, click the All link at the top of the grid
    • Click Export
    • Select the template you created and click Export
    • Make sure the download opens in Excel or Open Office Calc.  If it opens in notepad it will not be in the correct format to copy
    • Press CTRL-A (Select All), then CTRL-C (Copy) to copy all of the property data onto your clipboard
    • This data will be pasted in the How-to steps above
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