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    How do I add my signature to an email in onTrackCRM?

    onTrackCRM automatically appends your signature to the end of every email you send.  A company logo is also automatically appended in order to facilitate email tracking.

    What if I do not want my signature at the very end of the email?

    To place your email signature anywhere other than the end you can use the email merge token


    Be  sure copy the entire token, which includes the dollar signs ($).

    Can I change my email Signature?

    Yes, you can change your email signature in My Preferences.

    Access Your Email Signature

    • In onTrackCRM, click My Preferences in the upper right corner menu
    • Scroll down until you see the field Signature

    Easiest Way to Edit

    The Signature field in My Preferences does not have a visual editor so you will see the HTML Source Code for your signature.  The easiest way to edit your signature is in an HTML5 compliant visual editor.

    • Delete the text already in the editor.  Click here for editor
    • Type your email signature as desired
    • If you want you picture to be in the email signature, follow the section below
    • Click the Source button, when you are done constructing your email signature
    • Press CTRL-A (select all), the CTRL-C (copy) to collect the HTML code for you signature
    • Next, go to onTrackCRM > My Preferences
    • Click the Edit button
    • Paste the HTML code (CTRL-V) into the Signature field
    • Click Save
    • Send an email to your test contact record to confirm that your signature appears as desired

    Adding a Picture

    • Start by making a copy of your picture and resizing it to be appropriate for an email thumbnail.  This will ensure it does not take a long time to load when your client views your emails.  There are numerous photo editors that you can use to resize your photo.
    • Upload your image to Photobucket and obtain the Direct Link.  See tutorial
    • Position the cursor where you would like the photo to appear
    • Click the Image Button icon on the toolbar
    • Paste the Direct Link obtained from Photobucket into the URL field in the Image Button dialog box and click OK
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