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Email Campaign Subscription / Unsubscription

    The Basics Concepts

    • Subscription is managed on a per Campaign basis.  A contact can be subscribed to any number of campaigns while at the same time be unsubscribed from any number of other campaigns.
    • If a user unsubscribes from a campaign, it does not automatically unsubscribe them from all campaigns.
    • If you unsubscribe a contact from a campaign, it does not automatically unsubscribe them from all campaigns.
    • The Email Opt Out is used to indicate that the contact wants to be unsubscribed by default;
      • The contact is not automatically unsubscribed from all existing campaigns.
      • The contact will automatically be unsubscribed from any new campaign they are added to.
    • The contact can manage their own subscription to a campaign by using the Unsubscribe link included in all campaign emails.
    • You can manage a contact's subscription / unsubscription using the unsubscribe button(s) located at the bottom of the contact record.

    How does an email recipient unsubscribe from a campaign?

    Click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of very email campaign.

    Can an email recipient unsubscribe from all campaigns?

    The option to "unsubscribe from all" is not available by default.  You must check the "Allow Email Opt Out" in the Email Campaign Settings section of the campaign.  If the recipient uses this option;

    • the Email Opt Out field will be set on the contact record
    • They will be unsubscribed from all current campaigns
    • They will be unsubscribed by default from any future campaigns

    Can I unsubscribe / re-subscribe a contact manually?

    Yes.  Click the Unsubscribe / Subscribe button located at the bottom of their contact record.  There is a button for each campaign, which will change the subscription status for only the related campaign.

    Can I manually remove a contact from all campaigns?

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