MLS Boomerang

    Basic Idea

    MLS Boomerang is designed to add onTrackCRM tracking into the Auto Email feature of Matrix.  Here are the similarities and differences;


    • Client receives a link to the Matrix Client Portal
    • All features of the Matrix Client Portal will still work (i.e. Favorites, Rejected, etc.)
    • The concierge service will still send an email to you first.  The listings you approve will be sent through the MLS Boomerang


    • onTrackCRM tracking will be added to the update emails so you can fully track your clients activity / interest
    • You can compose a custom email message to your client


    Compose an Email in onTrackCRM

    • In onTrackCRM, go to the conact record that will receive updates
    • Compose an email that your client will receive.  (Hint: Start with the Sample Email below)
    • Get the ID for the email you just wrote.
      • Find the email you just composed
      • Click edit to the right of the email
      • Take down the record number shown in the address bar (i.e. record=406, 406 is the Email ID)


    Sample Email

    The sample email below is loaded as a Template in your ontrack email editor.  Click Select Email Template button and click on the template called BOOMERANG:

    If you want to copy and paste, click the Source button on your onTrackCRM email editor, then paste the Subject and Body below .  After pasting click the Source buttton again to see the email in the visual editor.

    Subject Updated properties in $custom-mls_subject$ updated on $custom-mls_updated$
    Hi $contacts-firstname$,<br /><br /><a href="http://$custom-mls_url$">Click here to view updated property information</a><br /><br />Sincerely,<br />$users-signature$
    <br />

    MLS Boomerang Merge Tokens

    Token Used for
    $custom-mls_url$ This must be present for MLS Boomerang to work.  Paste it into a hyperlink in your email
    $custom-mls_subject$ Subject of email sent by MLS
    $custom-mls_updated$ Date & Time update email was received from MLS.  This is useful for gmail recipients because it will prevent emails from being grouped together as one conversation
    $contacts-firstname$ First name on contact record
    $users-signature$ Your email signature is not added by default.  This token must be present for the email to contain your signature.

    Configure Matrix

    Create a Contact Record in Matrix

    • Navigate to My Matrix > Contacts
    • Click Add at the bottom of the screen
    • Complete the Personal Information form
      • First Name: Your client's first name
      • Last Name: Your client's last name
      • Email Address: Email format is, where INSTANCE is the name of your ontrack install
    Example: if your ontrack install was, then you would enter the email
    • Click Save

    Create an Auto Email in Matrix

    • In Matrix, construct a search as desired and click Results at the bottom of the page
    • Click Save > New Auto Email
    • Select the Contact you created in the previous step
    • Enter a subject for the email update.
      • NOTE:  If you are using the token $custom-mls_subject$ in your onTrackCRM email, it will be replaced by the Matrix subject line
    • In the Message field, enter the ID for the email you composed in onTrack during the 1st step.  The format must be exact
      • In the example in step 1, the Email ID was 406.  The Email ID must be entered in the Matrix Message field using the format;

    email:406;    Matrix Message Body.jpg


    • Select the schedule you would like updates delivered on
    • Click Save

    Advanced Topic

    It is possible to send the same Matrix Auto Email to muliple onTrackCRM emails

    • In the Auto Email message body described above, enter multple Email IDs separated by commas(,)



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