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    • onTrackCRM 11.10 LeadGen has been released.  Utilize powerful advertisement features to track, manage and improve your online lead generation.

    Feature Updates

    • 6/28/13: Property Ad Creator unveiled.  Click here for tutorial
    • 4/11/12: MLS Comparable link on CA Income Property Analysis is working correctly now.
    • 4/5/12: Template Ad library copied into each onTrackCRM install.
    • 3/16/12: Investor Analysis Platform upgraded in LeadGen version;
      • Cash Flow, Cash-on-Cash ROI and Rent Value Model
    • 2/10/12: $site-url$ token will not automatically populate with your LeadGen website.  It is no longer necessary to manually change the URL to your LeadGen URL.
    • 2/8/12: Webinar - onTrackCRM Feature Overview.  watch now
    • 2/3/12:  Stealth form token. Use a token to automatically insert the stealth form link into your ad.  Tutorial
    • 1/27/12: New Ad Samples are available.  See USP banners, See working with Images
    • 1/26/12: Token $doc-id$.  You can now leave $doc-id$ in your ad.  It will automatically be replaced by the Document record # when you click Post Ad. See how to get URL to landing pages
    • 1/25/12: Stealth form updated.  Now a buyer USP is now offered on Stealth Pop-up.
    • 1/25/12: Duplicate marketing document.  Makes it easy to copy an existing ad to make modifications.
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